Mildy Humorous

My father had a bald spot, even when he was young.  Because his side of the family were all bowlers, and we would go bowling nearly every time the family got together for anything, the family joke was that Dad was bald from sliding down the alley on his head.

Speaking of baldness, a favorite joke of Dad's was: A man who is bald in back is a great lover.  A man who is bald in front is a great thinker. A man who is bald in both front and back only thinks he is a great lover.

Is it only that Rent and Twilight have broken down my carefully construced walls, or is it just that I've reached the age where everything leaks more easily?

RFC (n) - A rule Microsoft will invariably refuse to follow and eventually try to change.

You know you've been on twitter too long when you start thinking in #hashtags, @signs and 140 characters or less.