Tidbits of Slightly Philosophic Enlightenment


It never feels the same twice.  It rarely announces its arrival, and never calls ahead.  It's always elusive when you search for it, and generally knocks you flat when it finds you.  There is no rhyme or reason to it, it cannot be forced nor can it be kept at bay.  It delights, devestates, desolates, derranges and its victims are thankful for each.

Well, at least when it breaks, it will make a good song.

The heart acknowledges no limits—not even the bounds of sanity.

Never go looking for love.  When you do, you always find it—in the wrong places.  Just relax, and it will find you.  Trust me, when it does, you don't want to be otherwise involved.

If energy can never be destroyed, only changed, then what happens to the energy in a living organism when that organism ceases to live as we know it?

Just because you don't play the game, doesn't mean you don't know the rules.

"Love knows no reasons, Love knows no lies.  Love defies all reasons, Love has no eyes.  But love is not blind, Love sees but doesn't mind."  — @IamsimpleSonia