My Katmando Tribute, other memorials.

“That's a funny looking index page... Why don't you put something up?”
Okay.. I did.  Now it's horribly outdated.

(I just keep adding.)

If you happen to find something (other than broken links, etc.) you'd like to comment on, you can mail me, Lythande, here at

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I wish I'd thought of this.

Warning!!!   You may not like what I've got to say.

More rants.

Random bits of humor.

Philosophical(ish) tidbits.

Random memory

I haven't been here in years, but I discovered I now have a "profile" and two of the poems I submitted sometime in the late 1990's (most likely) are still there.

Places I've been (not many).

Who am I?

Diary of a Mad ...

By the way, the reason the annoying "under construction" image is at the top of this page is because there used to be a whole page somewhere explaining that any page on the web is always under construction. The image used to link to that page in an older life, but I can't find it any more. If you happen to know where it is, drop me an email, please.


If you're really into outdated pages, check the wayback machine.

Beyond this point, links may (or may not) be broken.

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When Hell Freezes Over

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My Little Recovery Agent is growing up even more.   The latest.

Ye old pic, just because:

I don't pronounce the name the usual way, apparently.  I pronounce it "lith-an-day".  Actually it's more like "li-than-day" with a short i and soft th.

I've had miscellaneous strange things happen due to my avatar, which is basically just a miniturization of this pic—from people refusing to follow on Twitter to people inviting me to join special "adult only" forums on different sites.  I've used the same avatar since 1995 in the Pirch days and even before that, but still, some people seem to be uncomfortable with it.  People, this is a drawing, which I haven't so much as resembled in many years.  #GetOverIt